The Dream

Ocea Mermaid Swim sets bring kids’ dreams to reality.

Being part of the Ocea merpeople community is extremely fun and an excellent way to stay active. It’s also a creative way to inspire families to become the next generation of ocean guardians.

Why? The oceans need our help !

  • 90% of the big fish in the sea have disappeared in the last 50 years?
  • 50% of the coral reefs have died?
  • Millions of tons of plastic have entered the ocean which is devastating for marine life and the entire food chain.

Every living thing on planet earth needs the ocean in one way or another to survive, including us humans!

The facts concerning the ocean’s health seem dire, however, there is hope. We believe every action counts! So, for every Mertail Ocea sells, we will send $1 to the Mission Blue foundation headed by the amazing Sylvia Earle.

Find out how merpeople can make a difference with good habits by visiting the website today