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Ocea Mermaid tails are extremely stylish and are currently available in 3 unique patterns. The breathable 4-way stretch fabric brings comfort and makes it possible to rapidly release water, which makes it easier to swim with a mermaid tail. This fabric is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which is the same fabric used by elite aquatic circus artists. The tail is also equipped with a long zipper that allows easy insertion and removal of the monofin.

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The Ocea monofin

Ocea mermaid tails sets include a mermaid swim fin made by Finis, the international leader in aquatic accessories. Flexible and perfectly adjustable for growing feet, this mermaid swim fin is also covered by the beautifully designed Ocea mermaid swim tail.  The swim tail is made out of the best material and can be used in a swimming pool, at the beach or the lake. The Ocea mermaid tail set allows children to gain confidence in the water and have fun. And, unlike most of our competitors, the unique design leaves the monofin exposed for better control and eliminates the accumulation of air or water which can create unnecessary drag. The monofin is also equipped with a quick release strap for added security.

  • Especially suited for ages 6 and older
  • Mermaid swim fin is ideal for Boys shoesize (1-6) and girls (2-7). Euro (33-39)

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We’ve created a Mertail mermaid swim set with your entire family in mind. Ocea Mertails bring the mythical world of mermaids and merpeople to life and create memories for the young ones, and not so young ones, that will last a lifetime.

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