Ocea Mermaid1) Safety / Our first priority

At Ocea Creations, safety is a primary concern and we are constantly working on making sure our products are used safely! Swimming as a mermaid is awesome and exiting. Ocea mermaid tails are only designed for experimented swimmers aged 6+. Please be safe when using this product by using it under adult supervision at all times.

We believe parents are the best to judge if their child is skilled enough to swim with a mermaid tail.
As a reference, users must at least be able to:

  • Swim more than 25 meters,
  • Tread water for more then two minutes, and
  • Master the dolphin kick swimming technique

Do not use in water where depth exceeds swimmers skills. It’s also dangerous to hop around with the tail on the ground and could prematurely damage the material.

Every user and their legal guardian(s), if applicable, of Ocea Creations Inc. products assume(s) risks associated with its use. Risk of injury, whether nearby or distant is always a possibility. Neither manufacturer of this product, nor its seller/distributor, assumes any liability. This OCEA CREATIONS product is not a flotation device.

2) Sizes

It’s incredibly simple to find the right size for your Mertail, as you only have to take two measurements. First measure the circumference of the waist just above the belly button. Second, measure the length of the tail from the ankles to the belly button.

Don’t worry if your measurements don’t fit perfectly to a size as we use a top quality 4-way stretch that will easily adapt to your body.

Size table is available in Shop section.

3) Care Instructions

Even though the Ocea Mertail is made with a premium fabric it is not indestructible. Friction against concrete or other abrasives will damage the fabric. Like any bathing suit, it is recommended that you rinse the tail with fresh water after each use and then store it away from direct sun.