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Advice for using your Ocea mermaid tail

Learn how to swim with a mermaid tail!

Swimming like a mermaid is awesome and fun! Since you were born with legs, you will have to learn the basic swimming technique: The dolphin kick! Here is a great Youtube video that will help you learn the way mermaids swim so gracefully in the water. Master the dolphin kick and you will make the world your oyster.

Safe merpeople will practice the technique without the mermaid tail first. Make sure to show your parents how you mastered the dolphin kick so they can decide if you’re ready to jump in the water with the mermaid tail.

It is extremely important that you never swim with your mermaid tail without an adult supervising you!

As you get more experience swimming with the Ocea mermaid tail, there will be many awesome tricks that you will be able to do. Make sure to have your parents share them with all your friends on Instagram or Facebook using the #ocea hashtag.

How to put on the tail

Ask your favourite merfriend to adjust the straps of the neoprene feet pocket. Make yourself comfortable, make sure the pocket is not too tight. However, remember that to help you swim, the pocket needs to hold your feet firmly against the monofin.

Remove the monofin from your feet and unzip the bottom zipper on the Mertail skin. Insert one edge of the monofin in the opening and make sure to completely insert the monofin before zipping it up.

Sit on a beach towel close to where you wish to enter the water. Pull down the skin so you can see the feet pocket on the monofin. Insert your feet. Gently pull back the skin onto your legs. Lie on your back and pull the skin all the way up to your navel.

Make sure you never hop around with your mermaid tail on. It could be very dangerous and cause damage to your tail! And, always have an adult supervise you when you are in the water.

Merpeople can save the oceans !

Merpeople, as you might know, are the original protectors of the seas. At the moment, our oceans are in a pretty bad shape and we believe Merpeople have the power to make a difference through imagination, education and fun!

Ocea merpeople belive that every action counts !

  • Participate in or organize a public space cleanup event.

  • Raise funds for an environmental group.

  • Reduce your water use by turning off the water faucet while brushing your teeth.

  • Use eco-friendly products, such as reusable water bottles instead of single use plastic produts.

Actions you can take to make a difference

  • When possible, pick up plastic and put it in a recycling bin.
  • Grow your own fruit, vegetable, and/or herb garden.
  • Eat more fruit, vegetable, and nuts instead of fish and meat.
  • Learn more about coral reefs, the ocean, and its inhabitants. Talk to friends about it so they can share your excitement and concern for the oean.
  • When going to the store, make it your responsibility to bring a reusable shopping bag.
  • Recycle cans and plastic bottles..
  • Wear waterproof sunscreen.
  • When visiting the ocean or orther waterway, protect wildlife by keeping creatures in their habitat. Take pictures and leave bubbles.
  • Cut open 6-pack rings. Wild life could potentially get stuck in them and suffer because of these.

Mermaids have always had a special role in protecting the ocean

  • Share how you contributed to making the ocean a better place everyday!
  • Ask your parents to share your experience on social media by using the hashtag #ocea.
  • You can also send us a video, a picture and/or a story at

Did you know thats

• 90% of the big fish in the sea have disappeared in the last 50 years

• 50% of the coral reefs have died

• Millions of tons of plastic have entered the ocean.